Masters of Celebration

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December 18,2018
Masters of Celebration

Masters of the Art of Celebration

An exclusive insight into your luxury lifestyle concierge and members club.

As we plummet deeper into the digital age our wants and needs as a society undoubtedly evolve with us. The ability to make quick decisions in a tap, click or swipe have (quite rightly) left many questioning the ease and pace at which other areas of their life are moving. Balancing work and play suddenly becomes more difficult as business and social calendars compete, and we don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a bit of guidance.

Here at The Art of Celebration, we pride ourselves in providing excellent navigation and personalised access to the world’s finest in luxury brands and experiences. Our digital members club and concierge offers services suited to contemporary individuals with fast-paced lives whose schedules don’t always allow time for event planning. With stuffy and stilted drawing rooms an aging custom, the Art of Celebration is your key to keeping in sync with the modern world and forming lasting bonds with our incredible members.


Our members are brought together by a shared philosophy; an admiration for and sensitivity to sensational experiences and extraordinary service. That’s why we make it our job to ensure that we also partner with brands that share these values. We aim to inspire conversations between our members across the globe, forging a community of like-minded men and women.

Membership to the Art of Celebration is by invitation only or by proposal from an existing member. Our committee invest time in vetting each member to ensure we maintain the highest standards and best in-class service. In turn, we believe that our club will prove itself as a hub for creativity, sophistication and celebration in its finest form.

Perks and privileges

As a member you will gain exclusive access to the most elite experiences the world has to offer. Whether it’s one-of a kind fine dining or sought-after tickets to the latest must-see event, your dedicated Lifestyle Manager is on-hand 7 days a week to ensure that your experiences are perfectly tailored to you and completely stress-free.

We’re passionate about delivering entirely personal experiences and pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our team have critiqued a wide selection of luxury services, handpicking the best seats, tables and rooms to offer so that you receive no less than perfection.

Members can also benefit from members-only events, including private dinners, activations and pop-ups, providing great spaces to form meaningful relationships. Receive regular updates with our personalised social calendar to ensure that you’re one step ahead and chat live with our team for easy guidance at the tip of your fingers.

Services include:

– Luxury travel – Private jet,Yacht charter, Car hire and Chauffeur services
– Reservations at 5* Hotels and spas
– Gifting
– Hot ticket – top music, sporting events
– Sought after Dinner reservations and private hire at your favourite restaurants and bars
– Personal shopping
– Unique experiences
– Real estate
– Health & Wellness

Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email, or for existing members contact your Lifestyle manager for an extensive list of our services.

Oh, and the best bit? We operate not only in London but also in LA, Las Vegas, Cote D’azur, Ibiza and Mykonos so even on your travels you can still be an expert in the art of celebration.

Keep an eye out for our Stories page, coming soon to The Art of Celebration website, where our trusted team will be reviewing the latest luxury experiences to deliver the best service possible to you.

Happy celebrating.